SIATech Board Workshop Emphasizes Innovation

SIATech and NEWCorp board members, along with several members of SIATech schools' leadership team, met on Saturday, March 4, 2017, in Oceanside for its annual board workshop.

SIATech and NEWCorp board members from right to left: Dave Meyer, Greg Cohen, Delaine Eastin, Brenda Hall, Mike Fickel, Bernadette Griggs, Stephen Halfaker, and Linda Dawson.

This day of collaboration and learning focused on "Developing a Culture of Innovation." The workshop was facilitated by Julie Evans of Project Tomorrow and Education Consultant Ann McMullan.

The day was important for the board members and school leaders to reflect on innovation and better serving students in a dropout recovery environment.

Some highlights of the day included an examination of individuals' communications style and information on the "Ten Faces of Innovation" (Tom Kelley).

The group discussed the role of leadership in developing a culture of innovation and emphasized the importance of an action plan to address challenges to innovation.

Participants collaborate on definitions of innovation at SIATech and NEWCorp.

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