SIATech Charter School FAQ

Charter School FAQ

"What is a Charter School?"

A charter school is just like a public high school with the same curriculum. However, charter schools have slight modifications that allow students to finish high school under any circumstances. SIATech Charter Schools, for example,  have morning and afternoon sessions that allow students to work at their own pace. The smaller class sizes also allow teachers to give individual attention to students that need it most.


"How much does it cost to attend SIATech schools?"

All SIATech schools are public charter high schools so there are no enrollment or tuition fees.


"Are students able to start mid-year?"

Students can start at any time. We are continuously enrolling new students, and when students are ready to graduate, we can also graduate them throughout the year.


"Can students make up credits they are lacking and get back on-track to graduate on time?"

Yes, students are able to focus on courses to make up credits in order to get back on track to graduate. Students may also graduate early if they are able to meet all the requirements.


"Will the student earn a GED or High School diploma?"

All SIATech graduates earn a standard high school diploma.


"How do I get a copy of my official school transcript from SIATech?"

The best way to get a copy is through the Transcript Request Form. There is no charge for transcripts. If you have trouble using the form to request your transcript, email us at info@siatech.org for assistance.

How do I request a new copy of my diploma?

We do not provide replacement diplomas. A diploma is not an official record, it is a ceremonial item used in the graduation ceremony. What I can get for you is an official copy of your transcripts. A transcript is a list of the classes you took and states your graduation date. It is the official record. Click here to request a transcript using the Transcript Request Form.


What should I bring to orientation?

  1. Current copy of High School Transcript (unofficial is fine).
  2. Valid CA DL/ID with a current address OR Utility bill with current home address (utility bill does not need to be in student’s name), ex: Water, Gas and Electric, or Cable bill.
  3. STUDENTS WHO ARE MINORS NEED: Vaccination Records and Parent Permission. We ask that a parent/guardian attend the Orientation, if available.
  4. If you have or had an IEP or 504 Plan, please bring a copy, if possible.

Charter School FAQ

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