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SIATech is looking for talented, experienced, and passionate individuals and teachers to join its team. Furthermore, You must have a bachelor's degree, a teaching credential in the state in which you apply, and demonstrated subject matter competency in the area that you want to teach. Once all of the requirements are met, we will consider all qualified candidates.

Please email your resume to or fax to (760) 945-1683


Current Openings




Math Tutor

Reading Teacher 



Social Studies Teacher




Los Angeles

Special Education Teacher

Career Pathways Teacher

Independent Study Teacher


Inland Empire

Math Teacher



Special Education Coordinator

Administrative Services Specialist 


San Francisco

Math/STEM/CCPT Teacher



Teachers at SIATech


SIATech is committed to providing its teachers with ongoing professional development through various avenues. Our induction plan aims to provide an effective transition into teaching for new teachers and experienced teachers from comprehensive or alternative schools to a unique charter school such as ours.
“The most effective induction programs extend support throughout a teacher’s career and improves the overall school climate,” according to Recruiting New Teachers, a nonprofit consulting firm. SIATech offers many and varied professional growth opportunities for certificated and classified staff. Each year instructors, support staff and administrators meet to discover curriculum enhancements, educational technologies, assessment practices, differentiated teaching and learning strategies, and more efficient service delivery models.
SIATech’s goals have been to provide individualized teacher support to ensure success, retain staff and improve academic achievement of all students.
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What Teachers are Saying
“The thing I like best about teaching at SIATech is that every student can succeed. Many of our students come to us with the belief that they cannot achieve their goals. SIATech provides them with a nurturing environment that helps them to feel successful every day.”

Liz Hessom, former SIATech Teacher; current Site Leader/Principal @ San Diego Job Corps

SIATech has more than 80 teachers at 15 sites across the nation interacting with over 3,500 students on a daily basis. Our teachers are dedicated professionals who see the importance of keeping all students in school until they complete their high school diploma and/or trade at our various school sites located within Job Corps and other workforce partnering agencies.
In order to support these nationwide school sites, SIATech has created a learning support team of educators who write and update curriculum with infused technology, train teachers in innovative techniques, and stay current on state standards and assessments. This team periodically visits sites for professional development and mentoring. The team is also spearheading SIATech’s state-mandated new teacher induction plan.

High School TeachersAdditional support networks for our staff include video-conferencing; a website to post questions, lesson plans, best practices, and strategies; as well as regional and national staff development conferences.
What staff are Saying….

“I enjoy SIATech's team atmosphere: administrator support, dedicated, competent colleagues, and motivated students. Together, in a flexible, creative and trusting environment, we have fun meeting the needs of our students and sharing in their successes.” ~ Greg Cohen, Learning Support Specialst. Former SIATech Teacher @ San Diego Job Corps

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