About SIATech Charter High Schools

SIATech Charter High Schools

SIATech Charter High Schools, a network of public charter high schools with campuses in Arkansas, California, and Florida, re-engages disconnected students through an innovative curriculum that integrates technology with academics and provides the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.

SIATech Charter High Schools are nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations. SIATech campuses are currently located in partnership with Job Corps and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) agencies and serve about 2,500 students. SIATech and its family of schools have developed ConTech Learning Strategies® with a robust curriculum that ensures students earn a high school diploma and are ready for college and career.

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SIATech accredited school from AdvancED for the central offices and all subsidiary programs associated with SIATech, including MYcroSchool, NEWCorp, and RAPSA. Six of the accreditation's standards were deemed "highly functional," which is AdvancED's highest rating. Read more about the announcement of the AdvancED Accreditation.


All SIATech schools in Arkansas, California, and Florida are fully accredited by additional agencies that are also recognized by the US Department of Education.

  • Arkansas:┬áSIATech site in Little Rock is accredited by AdvancED.
  • California: All SIATech California sites are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This accreditation is through 2020. (Accreditation letter)
  • Florida: The Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS CASI) accredits all SIATech Florida sites.
SIATech Charter High Schools

Gallup Student Poll

SIATech participates in the annual Gallup Student Poll that is administrated to more than a half million students nationwide. Gallup polls measure student hope, engagement, and well-being which have been identified as key indicators of future success. Despite being students who have experienced challenges to academic success in the past, SIATech students poll quite well in these psychometrics. Read more about our recent overall Gallup Student Poll Results 2016-17.