High School Diploma Program

SIATech High School Diploma Program

SIATech is a unique high school diploma program that blends the latest computer technology with an academic curriculum based on state standards. SIATech emphasizes professional development to ensure teachers are well-prepared for the classroom.


The high school diploma program is fundamentally student-centered. It seeks to assess the needs of each individual student and engage them appropriately. A competent and caring staff provides hands-on assistance as students work at their own maximal pace to complete individual programs of study.


SIATech graduates enter adult life with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in today’s technology-based economy. The curriculum used in the SIATech at Job Corps program is replicable, and in fact has been implemented at all of the California Job Corps sites; and by schools in partnership with Job Corps in Arizona, Florida, and New Mexico. Constantly being reviewed for ways it can be enriched and improved, the SIATech high school diploma program has enjoyed tremendous success.


The SIATech high school diploma program utilizes both teacher delivered and computer-assisted instruction with individualized education plans. These are specifically designed to meet the needs of students within a population that has an exceptionally wide range of skills and academic backgrounds. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on life skills and work readiness, with the understanding that societal issues and attitudes also strongly influence the success rates of graduates. Students learn the full range of the core academic subjects – English, Math, Science, and Social Studies – while integrating state content standards with workplace readiness skills and high-end computer software packages, such as:


• AutoCAD
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft Publisher
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe PageMaker
• Adobe Premier
• Adobe Flash
• Adobe Dreamweaver

high school diploma programSIATech’s graduation requirements include portfolio completion along with project designs and student collaboration. Much of the methodology includes an integrated, thematic curriculum, and portfolio assessment, which provide flexibility in allowing students with learning disabilities to meet academic standards.


SIATech classrooms are equipped with high-end, Internet-accessible workstations that simulate an office environment rather than a traditional classroom. Scanners, laser printers, and digital cameras support student work on Senior Projects and Graduation Portfolios. SIATech’s instructional design mandates that classes be small, student-centered, and provide for authentic assessment. The high-tech environment, with a computer workstation for each student, provides a motivating gateway for thinking to SIATech’s “at-promise” population.




The accomplishments of SIATech have been widely recognized by their educational peers.


high school diploma programThe California Department of Education named SIATech as one of its top high schools in 2013. The 2013 California Distinguished School Award was given to SIATech for its strong commitment and innovative approaches to improving student academic achievement. “These schools have gone the extra mile to provide high-quality instruction that puts their students on the right path toward career and college,” State Superintendent Tom Torlakson said. “Given the enormous challenges schools have faced in recent years, it is inspiring to see this kind of success in so many schools. Our future depends on meeting the needs of every student no matter where they come from or where they live.”


SIATech earned a 2007 Inspire Honorable Mention for the school’s capacity to help students become excited about learning from the Classroom of the Future Foundation (CFF) in conjunction with the San Diego County of Education. The Inspire Honorable Mention recognized that SIATech students are excited about learning because the program is self-paced, technology-driven, and adaptable to different learning styles; the classrooms are in a small office-like environment; and the partnership with Job Corps provides a career technical emphasis for college and workplace readiness. Likewise, the award encompassed SIATech’s enhancements on student learning and behavior by clearly communicated expectations, test preparation assistance, and an atmosphere of respect and safety.


In 2005, the Crystal Star Award was presented by the National Dropout Recovery Network for excellence in dropout recovery, intervention, and prevention. Also in 2005, the Golden Bell Award from the California School Board Association was awarded for the school’s innovative curriculum.


In April 2003, the SIATech program was the recipient of the prestigious “California Distinguished School Award,” marking the first time a California charter school has received such distinction.


In 2001, SIATech received the esteemed Alpha Award from the United States Department of Labor in the category of Community Organizations. The award is bestowed on those organizations that have contributed to Job Corps through leadership, advocacy, positive visibility, and/or in linking with Job Corps to benefit placement, education, and community outreach.