SIATech San Diego High School Frog Dissection Lab

San Diego High School Frog Dissection Lab

SIATech San Diego high school frog dissection lab use new technology.

Mr. Howie kicked off our new Applied Academics program with the SIATech San Diego high school Frog Dissection lab with the SDJC CNA students. Everyone completed the dissection virtually on our iPads (which were supplied as a part of the ipad pilot program), and then moved forward with the physical dissection. This collaboration was soon followed by Applied Academics Security Writing program, which went live two weeks ago with Mr. Troy and Ms. Sara, and Applied Academics Construction Mathematics, which went live last week with Ms. Terena and Ms. Sara. We are very excited about these new programs because it increases our collaboration with, and value to, our Jobcorps partners. We hope to see more Applied Academic programs down the line.

If you are interested in using new technologies and having fun while working on your high school diploma, learn more about SIATech San Diego High School. Enroll Today!

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