SIATech San Diego 3D Printing Project

The SIATech San Diego 3D printing project allows students to embracing additive manufacturing here in San Diego. SIATech San Diego Charter School was able to procure a state of the art 3D printer through a grant written by Creative Tech teacher Robert Garza. Mr. Garza has been encouraging students to utilize the 3D printer as a component of their Creative Tech classes in conjunction with the AutoCAD program, and we are starting to see students' creativity manifest itself through this new technology. Cristian Juganar is featured, along with the tag he designed for his dog's collar, in the pictures below.

The 3D printer is also going to be utilized in our upcoming school-wide Iditarod project, as students will be designing and printing objects to represent their selected mushers on our scoreboard as they move through the Iditarod stages. While we are always excited about new avenues for student creativity, we are particularly thrilled about student exposure to 3D printing because of the revolutionizing impact it will soon have on our economy and society. We are also proud that, unlike many of the other forms of technology and mixed media used in education today, none of our students have had any prior exposure to this cutting edge technology except in our labs.  We look forward to seeing what our students come up with!

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