Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Please join me in thanking all SIATech, MYcroSchool and NEWCorp teachers for everything that they do to positively affect the lives of our students every day. We are so lucky to have the most talented, committed and passionate teachers in education – second to none!

It is not by happenstance that our students come into our schools distrusting of the system that they had disengaged from, but willing to give it one more try with us. The miraculous transformation that subsequently occurs is nothing short of magical. Kids learn to trust again in an environment of both rigorous and challenging curriculum and highly competent and caring professionals who will not allow them to fail one more time.
We know this because that is what our kids tell us when they come back to visit.

Our teachers apply extraordinary knowledge, skill, and persistence to their every interaction with students. Whether discussing an Individual Learning Plan or talking with kids about their dreams, our teachers go the extra mile – no matter what it takes – to help students achieve their goals. There is no finer gift than that!

In my view, teacher appreciation week should be EVERY week. Teachers are the single most important factor in student success. The relationship they forge with their students is seminal to completion of high school and embarking on a pathway to college and careers. For our kids that relationship is even more critical as they re-engage with real hope for their futures.

So, once again, I ask you to join me in celebrating our fabulous teachers and the extraordinary work that they do EVERYDAY in the name of student success! They are truly touching the future with every graduate. Their gift to our kids is priceless!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Yours in Education,

Superintendent/Chief Education Officer


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