Congratulations to SIATech Long Beach’s First High School Graduate

"Achieve Breakthrough"

On June 9, SIATech Long Beach High School held their commencement ceremony in Los Angeles. This date marked an important milestone since SIATech Long Beach's opening this school year. The school was proud to present their first breakthrough graduate, Cesar Barriga, with a high school diploma. Family, friends, and staff were there to cheer her on and celebrate this monumental accomplishment. You are the first but definitely not the last SIATech Long Beach High School graduate. Best Wishes Cesar!

If you are interested in earning a high school diploma in Long Beach, Los Angeles, learn more about the program at SIATech Long Beach High School.

Cesar Barriga with family.
SIATech Long Beach Class of 2017
Cesar Barriga, SIATech Long Beach's First Graduate
Cesar Barriga and SAITech Staff




SIATech is a tuition-free high school where students have the opportunity to earn a standard high school diploma.

If you are interested in earning a high school diploma, find a SIATech Charter High School near you.

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