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SIATech Perris Charter High School holds monthly 'Critical Thinking Activities' for all math students. As part of each math course at SIATech Perris, the students are required to comple...

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SIATech Charter Schools have the same curriculum as public high schools with a few modifications that allow students to accomplish their goals under any circumstances. Morning and afternoon sessions allow students to work at their own pace. The smaller class sizes allow teachers to give individual attention to students that need it most. This one on one schooling ensures the success of students and prepares them for a bright future. These are just a few reasons why SIATech Charter Schools are among the best high schools in the country. If you are 16-24 and would like to make a change, earn a high school diploma, earn college credits, enroll into college and start a new career, find a SIATech Charter School campus near you. 

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SIATech, public charter schools with school campuses nationwide, re-engages disconnected students through an innovative curriculum that integrates technology with academics and provides the opportunity to earn a high school diploma in California, Florida, and Arkansas. SIATech is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. SIATech charter school campuses are currently located on more than 22 campuses and serve nearly 3,000 students.


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SIATech Charter School graduates are given the chance to earn a standard high school diploma, enroll into college, start new careers and become contributing members of society. If you are interested in helping out SIATech Charter Schools, make an impact on students lives in your community and donate today.

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SIATech Charter High School Student Success Stories

High School Success


"I started SIATech High School in August of 2015, and it took me about eight months to finish all of my work."

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High School Success


"I have to say it was a better experience than traditional a high school."

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SIATech Perris Critical Thinking Project SIATech Perris ‘Critical Thinking Activities’ (4/24/2017) - SIATech Perris Charter High School holds monthly ‘Critical Thinking Activities’ for all math students. As part of each math course at SIATech Perris, the students are required to complete a critical thinking activity project. The students are organized so they can participate as a group and help each other when they have questions. These projects... Read More
SIATech Sacramento Open House – LCAP Update Presentation 04/25/2017 (4/24/2017) - SIATech at Sacramento Job Corps – Open House – April 25, 3:45 p.m.
SIATech San Diego Open House – LCAP Updates Presentation 04/27/2017 (4/24/2017) - SIATech at San Diego Job Corps – Open House – April 27, 3:30 p.m.
Southern California SIATech Students Visit Los Angeles (4/19/2017) - Southern California SIATech Students Visit Los Angeles Youth Leadership Summit #YLSLosAngeles , #CareerPathways, #SIATech Read More   “Youth Leadership Summit Los Angeles” On April 5, students and staff from SIATech El Centro, SIATech South Bay, and SIATech North County commuted to Los Angeles for the Youth Leadership Summit Los Angeles (#YLSLosAngeles). The students were elated... Read More
Los Angeles High School Teacher Meet SIATech Pico-Union High School Teacher Mr. Ramirez (4/13/2017) - SIATech Pico-Union Mr. Ramirez   Free High School Diploma Meet SIATech Pico-Union high school teacher, Mr. Ramirez. He is always there to help students with their math assignment. SIATech has small calss sizes that give students individual help to ensure everyone gets theri high school diploma. If you are interested in earning a high school... Read More

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